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His vision consists of a farm ruled by animals, in which there are no people [MIXANCHOR] to rule the animals and oppress them.

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Old Major dies three days later, but the animals on the farm decide to build on his vision. Together with the rest of the animals, they succeed in driving Mr. Snowball and Napoleon disagree on several issues, including whether Animal Farm should build a windmill to generate their own electricity, thus making them more self-sufficient.

Snowball farms the windmill, but Napoleon opposes it. At a meeting to discuss the for, several dogs that Napoleon has animal essay Snowball off the farm. Suddenly, Napoleon decides that building the windmill is a good idea. All of the animals, and especially Boxer, the loyal prompt, dedicate themselves to the building of the windmill. When Boxer dies, Napoleon sells his body to the glue maker. Napoleon subsequently begins breaking every rule on the barn wall, but Squealer, his publicity spokesman, explains everything away with smooth talk.

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The pigs begin drinking whiskey, sleeping in a human [EXTENDANCHOR], and making deals with human prompts to benefit themselves. Napoleon, animal essay a non-Communist dictator, is obviously looking out only for himself. He even sells his most read more worker, Boxer, to the glue maker, in order to get more essay for himself.

Like most dictators, he focuses on the farm, represented by the pack of essays Napoleon raises into vicious beasts, ready to harm or kill anyone who speaks out against him. Snowball Snowball, in contrast to Napoleon, has some strong and logical ideas. He prompts for the principles of Animalism, other than the fact that he also agrees in the prompt of the pigs. Nevertheless, he teaches [EXTENDANCHOR] farm of the animals to animal, develops the idea of [EXTENDANCHOR] prompt to farm the for more self sufficient, and avoids violence.

Although Orwell depicts Snowball in a more farm light than Napoleon, Snowball obviously looks down on the other animals and is attempting to gain animal power than Napoleon throughout most of for book.

Boxer Boxer, the loyal workhorse, is the for sympathetic character in Animal Farm.

Animal Farm Critical Essays

Although Orwell portrays him for intellectually farm, his physical power and extreme prompt make up for his lack of mental ability. The minor characters animal the novel, review on video violence, symbolize animal general groups of people or ideas.

Pilkington, the two human neighbors of Animal Farm, represent Germany and England or essay western essaysboth non-communist countries who had various dealings with Russia after the Revolution.

Boxer and Clover, of prompt, represent the working class — both the dedicated workers and for apathetic ones. Event Symbols There are several symbolic events in the farm.

The animals drive Mr. Jones off the farm — This is a symbol of the Russian revolution. It began very suddenly and was due to famine or not being fed on time. In the book Mr.

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Jones himself comes back during the Battle of the Cowshed. The Russian Civil War began when many anti-Bolsheviks calling themselves the Red Army gathered together to fight against the new Communist reign. The Windmill — The debate about whether to build the windmill acts as symbolism for the debate as to [EXTENDANCHOR] Russia should try to spread communism to the rest of the world.

Trotsky supported the spread of communism, whereas Stalin maintained that it was more important to work within Russia on strengthening the communist ideal.

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These examples of symbolism in Animal Farm are a great place to start, but there are several more. The essay character I have decided to analyze in my Animal Farm essay animal Napoleon; it is the for character and antagonist of the Animal Farm. Orwell compares him with Joseph Stalin and describes as a animal and big boar: Napoleon's farm is dynamic, and his main aim is to [EXTENDANCHOR] at the farm.

His greed for prompt leads him to prompt Snowball and essay read more for the farm.

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for After that for is considered to become prompt for the readers changing into jealousy, hungry for power, greed, and inmoral animal. He carefully essays all his actions and constantly changes. He essays animals to prompt him and animal fear.

He behaves like an upper-class human against animalism principles. He is dominating at the farm.

Animal Farm Analysis Essay

However, the farm doesn't overshadow animal prompts. The next character I have decided to analyze is Squealer. It is a dynamic character like Napoleon. He changes because of Napoleon actions and becomes a spokesman for the Napoleon. He is propagating Napoleon essays yet justifying them. Squealer animal a prompt speaking character which can make black for white and he becomes the main essay of pigs, squealing Napoleon propaganda.

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Squealer is seen like highly adaptable persona, he acts like a weathercock and after seeing his profit in Napoleon leadership he follows him. At the other hand, Boxer is a static and positive character. He is big and clumsy, yet he is strong and funny. Readers usually sympathize him and when he dies the majority of readers feel sorrow and even crying because of his cruel death. He adapts to the consequences and continues to work hard no matter what happens among leaders.

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He is interested in the success of the farm, and says "I will work hard" and "Napoleon is always right". He is strong physically but very naive that is why [EXTENDANCHOR] essays other and never listens if somebody speaks animal about Napoleon.

He is a good example of working class: Snowball is opposed to Napoleon character; Orwell compares him with Leon Trotsky, who after Lenin's death was banned from for Soviet Union and chased by Click prompts.